JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Who was your Gruneh #general

Ury Link

Dear genners,
When we look into the Beit Shemuel or in Hilchot Gitin (divorsed books) then we
find the name Grune as a female name . The letters in Yiddish are Gimmel - Reish -
Vav - Nun - Alef. It mean Green. The reasons to give such a name was to bless the
child that he grow as a green grass. This is the explanation of the author of the
divorce book "Get Mesudar" by Elazar Mintz, Bilguria 1902. Also the "Oholei Shem"
by Salomon Ganzfried ' Ungevar 1878 mention this name as a female name..

Ury Link

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