Signficance of changing names to "Dan" and "Zilla" #germany

Judith Elam

I have two unrelated sets of relatives on my tree, both of whom changed
their first names to "Dan" and "Zilla" in 1938, as stated on their
respective Berlin marriage certificates. Both couples lived in Berlin.
Wilhelm BRAUN and his wife Hertha Hedwig PRINZ became known as Dan and Zilla
BRAUN on 8 December 1938. At the same time their adult son, who was born
Heinz BRAUN, became known as Denny or Dani BRAUN. All 3 were murdered at
Auschwitz. Similarly, Dip. Ing. Otto ROTHSCHILD and his wife Ella Johanna
JACOBY, became known as Dan and Zilla ROTHSCHILD on 13 December 1938. They
are buried in Cali, Colombia but their gravestones show their birth names,
not their changed names.

When I ran across the first couple, I thought this was strange. Then when I
ran across the 2nd couple, I wondered if there was some significance to
choosing these particular first names for a legal name change. And is the
timeframe - December 1938 - significant too for this name change?

I can e-mail the marriage certificates to anyone who is interested. They
can also be found on

Judith Elam, Kihei, Hawaii, elamj@...

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