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I was wondering where one might find mention of the NYTimes OCHS changing their
name? It seems to me in my research that they have remained OCHS. This might help
me break down a few brick walls as I have not found mention of OAKES as a variation
in that particular family line.

The OCHS-SULZBERGER family has owned the Times since 1896.... The OCHS-SULZBERGER
family trust controls roughly 88 percent of the company's class B shares. The Trust
board members are Daniel H. COHEN, James M. COHEN, Lynn G. DOLNICK, Susan W.
DRYFOOS, Michael GOLDEN, Eric M. A. LAX, Arthur O. SULZBERGER, Jr. and Cathy J.

The publishers of the NY Times have been: Adolph OCHS (1896-1935), Arthur HAYS
SULZBERGER (1935-1961), Orvil DRYFOOS (1961-1963), Arthur OCHS "Punch" SULZBERGER
(1963-1992), Arthur OCHS SULZBERGER Jr. (1992-present

Any additional surname clarification would be welcome.

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA
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Michael Bernet <mberbet@...> wrote:
Subject: Re: SHOR name

==Shor translates in German as OCHS, whence the Ochs surname. Or, if you're the
owner of the New York Times, you Americanize the name as OAKES.

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