Serching : Schachter - Touste, Vienna #austria-czech



Serching for informatiom about the descendants of Schulim and Deborah
SCHACHTER. Originally they were >from Touste Galicia. Emigrated to Vienna
Austria -maybe 1915-1920.

Schulim Schachter - b.1865 in Touste, Galicia d. 1934(1937?) in Vienna.
Deborah Schachter - b.1873 d. 1930(1934?) in Vienna. Maiden name –
Jackl. Parents names – Itzchak & Rosa
The couple had 15 children.

We known about :

Sara (Sally) Fink 1892-?
Bertle Riesenfeld 1911-1994
Marcus Schaechter 1896-1956
Leon Schaechter 1898-1963
Laura (Lea) Gelbard 1906-1982

Joseph Schachter - found a record in Vienna's cemetery about a Joseph
who died age 22. maybe it's him.
Jacob Schachter
Nothing is known about the rest. Not even their names

Thank you

Bat-Sheva Shechter

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