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I am looking for Henry SCHLESSINGER, the son of Irma PINKUS and Kurt
Schlessinger. If I can locate him I will find out what happened to my
aunt, information about my father, and the city where my grandfather
came from. Irma and Horst (Henry) arrived October 12, 1938 on the
Pennland >from Antwerp, Belgium. Horst (Henry) estimared birth was 1931
on those records. On those records, there is a page called "Held for
Special Investigation." They are listed as NVI (no visible income),
she lists her husband as K. Schlesinger in Breslau, and that she is
going to her uncle in Neward, NJ. This type written. Then there are a
series of notations written in pencil. The upshot of itis that Kurt
comes to get her and their son and is allowed to take them on Oct 14
after posting a bond that is good for 60 days. That bond is extended a
few times. I believe that Kurt Schlesinger Henry (Horst) father was
born in 22 Feb. 1982 and died in Hendersonville North Carolina at age
of 75. His birthdate is listed as 20 April 1906. I believe this is
the right Kurt because Kurt was an investor in real estate in NYC with
Jesse H. BARKIN. There was an auto accident where one of Jesse's
relatives is killed and Kurt was in the car. It was in the winter in
Henderson, NC; so there is the connection. I have called the Henry
Schlessinger's listed in the phone book. I have emailed all the
Schlesinger's on jewishgen and every other site I can think of. His
father, Kurt, and Jesse Barkin both attended the same synogue. Kurt
and Irma divorced in approximately 1945, when my father and his sister,
Edith were on the way to NYC. This is confirmed with Edith's son,
still living.
My father died 30 years ago and lived illegally under an aka during his
time in the US. Two years before he died, he told our family his real
name. I have found cousins on my grandmother's side, Rosa Pinkus and
my half-sister and brother through JewishGen. I have 2 families - my
father's sister's I am still looking for and Irma is one. The other
sister had no children. Henry may have piece that will help locate the
rest of Louis Pinkus' side. My first cousin has been working on the
family genealogy for 20 years. I now am to the point where I believe
that it is just going to someone who knows him, which will help. His
father owned alot of New York City property, so I can not image him
leaving the area. >from the information I know, I do not think that he
is married. Thanks to all. Please respond privately.
Melody Thomas-Mayes (Pinkus)

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