Re: **Knisbach** place name in Homburg district #germany

Jan Bousse <janbousse@...>

Hello Jeffrey,

A place called Knisbach does not appear in a very detailed map of Germany.
Your source mentions it in the district of Homburg. The event occurred in
1904. Homburg is now in Saarland, in the Wikipedia article in German on
Homburg there is no mention of Knisbach.

I found the mention of Knisbach in two similar articles, one of them is:;pg=PA234&lpg=PA234&dq=knisbach&source=bl&ots=ockjwYRW22&sig=KJ4zaV6M_v9wx7mAth2RY9UgL2Q&hl=nl&sa=X&ei=4IIrVYC6Eq-07Qbm_oCgBg&ved=0CFwQ6AEwCA#v=onepage&q=knisbach&f=false

"15 Eskadrons in Knisbach, Ramstein, Hauptstuhl, Neubau". I believe most of
these places are now in Rheinland-Pfalz. I suppose the archives in one of
these localities or in Homburg, or perhaps Saarland or Rheinland-Pfalz,
could tell you where it was, when it disappeared as a separate location,
what its history and its Jewish community represented. I wish you success.

Jan Bousse, Oostende, Belgium,

Jeffrey Knisbacher <> asked about **Knisbach**, a place
name in Homburg district ....... But the main thing is he was

born in KNISBACH in the Homburg Kreis. Checking on the Web today I find
a list of towns and communities for Homburg, but it does not include
KNISBACH. Has anyone ever come across this name before or have any idea
what became of it? Did it simply disappear or does it have a different
name today? Does anyone have other sources to check?

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