Re: Bachrach / Chavas Yair #germany

Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer

On Sun, May 3, 2015 , Mordechai Perlman wrote:
Does anyone have a comprehensive family tree for the BACHRACH
surname starting at least >from Rav Yair Chaim Bachrach (Chavas Yair)? My
friend, Refael Bachrach, has info on the Bachrachs in his family going back
five generations, but then the trail runs cold.==============>
What is the location of his furthest back ancestor? I have found
information on the Bacharach/Bachrach portion of my husband's line
(including people born >from before 1500 to ca. 1650) in Frankfurt
using Ele Toldot, which is available online through the Leo Baeck
Institute in New York City, at the URL

Because of this connection, I'd be interested in the family tree, too,
so that I can see if it will help to extend my husband's line.

Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer. Hyde Park, NY

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