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Dina Hill

I went back to the 1900 Census for Aaron and Sarah HILL and I realized
something thanks to a Jewishgenner so kind to help me out as well as others.
The columns were not quite the same as they were in the 1920 census. In the
1900 Census, column 16 asks year of immigration. Aaron put 1886 (he arrived
Nov. 1885 for sure >from the ship's manifest that I have)and Sarah put 1887.
Their son Benjamin was born September 1887 but on the 1920 census, in the
column that asks what year did you arrive, they have written there 1896
which is definitely wrong. In the 1900 census, column 17 asks "Number of
years in the USA" and column 18 just says "Naturalization" (not the year).

Sarah Hill did not come to New York in 1887 the way her husband did in 1885.
And if he got it wrong himself, saying he came here in 1886 when I have the
ship's manifest to show he arrived in November 1885, then as someone here
pointed out, there's a good chance that she arrived at a different port like
Philadelphia rather than New York. The only thing I know for sure is that
their son Benjamin was born in New York September 1887. Whether he was
born a CHILL or a HILL, I don't know but in 1900, they were HILL. I can't
find any legal document to show the name change. I have sent letter to the
National Archives with the ship's information and the year Aaron said he was
Naturalized but no Naturalization papers could be found.

If anyone thinks they can help me, please e-mail me. I really need to find
out how Sarah (or Sura) Rubinstein/Rubenstajn Chill HILL arrived. If she
was married to him before she got here, then was she a CHILL or a HILL?

Best Regards,

Dina Hill
Davie, FL


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