JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Translation of Hebrew tombstone viewmate no 11084 #general

Ury Link

Dear Genners,
On this tomb you can read the text without difficulty, the stone is little
faded but you can read it.
The Hebrew text is:
Po Niftera Ha-yalda Rivka Bat Yulis Meier
Niftera Yom Shabat Kodesh 10 Yijaar Shenat T.R.M.H T,N,Z,B,H
On this place is buried the child Rivka daughter of Yulis Meier ,die on the 10 of
the mount Yijaar in the year 5645 rest in peach 25 April 1885
The only letter that is not clear is the letter Mem on the begin of Meier,
but I am sure that it is a Mem

Best regards
Ury Link

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