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I have just been told that Louis PINKUS, my grandfather, b.19 June 1877 was born in
Gleiwitz, which now is Gliwice, Poland (2727 km SW of Warszawa. I was also told
that my father, Erzieher Heinz Julius Pinkus b. 29 April 1915 was also born there.
I am having difficulty finding any records >from this city. If I could find Louis
and confirm this city, I would finally get a break an over 20 year search by my
cousin. Plus we could begin to search his line. My father died over 30 years ago,
when I was just 16, so not many details were ever shared. In addition, my
understanding is that Erzieher means teacher or educator, i.e. it is a title. Any
help, would be much appreciated.

I must also thank all those that have helped me along this journey that I just
began in June 2007. Because of JewishGeners I have found my cousin, my half
sister, what happened to my half-brother, pictures of my father in his 20's, one of
my father's sisters family, my nieces and nephews >from my half sister and half
brother, and the information on the complete line of my grandmother. This journey
has been life changing! I must thank you all again.

Melody Mayes nee Pinkus
JewishGen #292191

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