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Looking for any members/descendants of the LIEBESMANN family of Riga - that might
have survived the Shoah.

Schachno LIEBESMANN born c 1830s-40s had several children, known are Gutman,
Itzig, Feiga Glika, Glika Lea, Schane, Braine, Lazar, and Vigdor David. The
LIEBESMANN family were button manufacturers.

Braine born in 1869 married in 1892 a Hirsch Lipman SCHLIOMOV (whose father was
Fisel) and with 4 young children Philip, Sidney (Schachno), Louis and Boris went
to South Africa before 1910. There the surname was changed to SLOAN.

In 1927 upon the marriage of Sidney a congratulatory telegramme was received >from
the LIEBESMANN family in Riga and names given were Gutman, and his children
Heymann, Jenny, Max, Vigdor, Ida, Lotte, Solomon, Dora, Tanja, Mira and David. In
official Latvian records Jenny is Sheyna, Dora is Doba and Mira is Mirjam.

In 1930 Braine with her son Philip went back to Riga to see the family then
returned to South Africa. After the outbreak of WW2 there was never any further
communication >from Riga.

Consulting the Latvian records it appears that many of people mentioned above
perished in the Riga ghetto with their families, what happened to the others is
not known.

However I have just come across a record of a claim, which was upheld,for monies
held in a Swiss Bank Account by the grand-daughter of Heymann Liebesmann >from
Riga,so it seems that not all of the family perished, but I have yet to find her.

In addition I have found reference to a Max LIEBESMAN ( >from Latvia) in the 1930
American census & Max aged 38 and his wife Beatrice aged 35 (nee Jaffe who married
in the Bronx in 1919) and daughter Pearl aged 7 & lived in Glen Cove, Glen
Street,Nassau, NY. In 1930 Max re-entered New York >from Bremen and went to the
address given above, this time his surname is spelt LIEBESMANN. Does anyone
recognize these names?

If anyone has knowledge of the LIEBESMANN family, whatever branch, whatever
surname variant spelling, who specifically came >from Riga, please contact me

Thank you.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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