Johann Georg Friedrich SIGEL ( SIEGEL ) and Eva Maria BEHRINGER from Ohmden near Stuttgart. #germany

Amoz Chernoff

Am trying to discover information about a family living in Ohmden in the
early 1800s. The particulars are as follows:

The oldest generation was composed of Johann Georg Friedrich Sigel
(Siegel) and Eva Maria Behringer, >from Ohmden.
The next generation was Maria Dorothea Sigel (or Siegel), 1809-1890, and
Jakob Schaeufele, (later changed to Schiefly),
1808-1864. They were married in 1835 in Ohmden.
Their oldest child, John Schiefly (1836-1920), and his sister, Lucy Ann
Schiefly, lived in America after 1848.

Any help in finding additional information, or the location of records
about these families, would be greatly appreciated.

Amoz Chernoff JewishGen #31258

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