Re: Emigration information for Spain volunteer [PHILIPSBORN] #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Judith Berlowitz wrote:
Dear SIGgers,
I am looking for sources of information about the emigration of my
distant relative, Clara PHILIPSBORN (spelled occasionally with two P's
in the middle and two L's). She was born in Kiel in 1890 and emigrated
to Spain in 1930 (according to KPD records - the reported date is
puzzling) as a volunteer translator with the International Brigades.
Family folklore reports that Clara immigrated to Peru (year unknown)
and settled in Lima. She may have sailed directly >from Lisbon rather
than returning to Germany. Her citizenship was annulled and last
address given was Pariser Strasse 8-b (Wilmersdorf).
Dear Judith,

just in case you do not have the exact information about her German
citizenship revocation,
I found her listing in the Deutsche Reichsanzeiger list no 168 of
11-Apr-1940 in position 123:

PHILIPSBORN, Clara, geb. am 29.6.1890 in Kiel

Perhaps that helps,

with kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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