Hahnl of Maschau, Bohemia - Genealogy, Part 1 #austria-czech

Alexander F Hahnl Sr <hahnl@...>

I would like to introduce myself. It is a pleasure as
a new member to post for the first time. I joined the
Austria-Czech Group because of my rich family
heritage. It is now even richer because of my
apparent Hebrew-Levite paternal lineage, found through
DNA analysis.

I now live in Londonderry, NH and come >from a family
of circus-performers. My father, mother, sister and
myself were circus performers under the name of "The
Hanel Troup" and traveled all over the world before
coming to the USA on April 11, 1950 on the famous
Queen Elizabeth.

My mother is Ukrainian-born of a Russian father and
Polish mother; she met and married my father in a
Polish circus on 24 August 1931. Through my father,
I'm Bohemian through and through with a series of
other nations [Austrian, Bulgarian and Greek] thrown
in. My paternal great-grandmother was a Maria GRAFFER
from Nussdorf, Vienna.
I was born in Zwickau, Germany in 1941; my father in
Sofia, Bulgaria; my grandfather in Maribor, Slovenia
and my great-grandfather in Prague.

Prior to that, back to 1657, my paternal family
members were all born in Maschau [Mastov] & environs,
55 miles west of Prague.

The name HAHNL today has gone through 9 different
spellings; in 1657 it was the Yiddish for a young
rooster. Here are some of the variants:

HONNEL, HANEL, HOEHNL, etc [with umlaut].

My great-grandfather Ferdinand Anton HANL [he spelt
it HAHNEL in the Austrian Army], was the Tambuerfuerer
[drum-major] of the Armee Kapelle in Graz. He was born
in Prague, March 4,1847. His father, my gtgt-grand-
father, Matheus HANEL was born April 22, 1810 in
Deutsch Trebetitch (Nove Trebcice) and his father, my
gtgtgt-grandfather Franz Joseph HANNL was born in
Vilemov (Willomitz) on August 31, 1758 and his father,
my gtgtgtgt-grandfather Wencel (Vaclav) HONNL (with
umlaut) was born January 16, 1721 in Maschau (Mastov)
and his father [my gtgtgtgtgt-grandfather] Hanss
(Johann) Georg HOHNL (with umlaut) was born on
September 18, 1657 in Maschau (Mastov) This is the
earliest actual record found. His father, my
gtgtgtgtgtgt-grandfather, Caspar HOHNL (with umlaut),
was 84 at his death October 12, 1713 (The Great Plague
of 1713). Caspar and Hanss Georg were the town
shoemakers till the great fire of August 12, 1719 when
2/3 of the town burned down.

I strongly suspect that my family was forcibly
converted >from Judaism to Catholicism by the
Habsburgers of Austria at the end of the 30 Years War

I have always been very interested to find out if I
have Jewish roots and have corresponded with many
people about this. My great-uncle also told me that
our name was suddenly "christianized" at the time of
the sudden conversion. Again he had said that this
information was passed down through the family over
the years. That is the reason, I decided to have my
DNA analysed.

I have asked Celia Male to check whether the above
names appear in Maschau and environs in the censuses
of Bohemia and to research the subject further.

She is sending in her answers to my questions in Part
2. I very much hope that one or two of you will also
have more information for me.

Alexexander Hahnl, Londonderry, NH

Alexander F Hahnl Sr

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