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Feige Stern

I have been helping a friend research his family. It turns out that
his grandfather was a member of the Purple gang in Detroit, Michigan
in the 1930s. I googled his grandfather's name and came up with an
FBI file >from 1932 that contains his name on a list of people involved
with the purple gang and his police file number. Does anyone know if
I would be able to access the record? I am curious if anyone has
tried to get this type of record? I'd appreciate any ideas as to
where the records would be held.
Thanks in advance,
Feige Kauvar (Klevarsky) Stern
KLEVARSKY (KAUVAR), Seduva, Lithuania; SILVERSTEIN, Rasseiniai,
Lithuania; NAFTEL, Rasseiniai, Lithuania; SCHENKER, Dankera,
Latvia and Birzai, Lithuania; MEYLACH, Dankera, Latvia and Birzai,
Lithuania; HOFFMAN, Kishinev, Moldova; SCHWARTZ, Braila, Romania;
STERN, Kovno, Lithuania; YUDKOVITCH, Warsaw, Poland; SOBEL,
Kleparov, (Lvov), Ukraine; PROBST, Kleparov (Lvov), Ukraine;
SINSHEIMER, Kleparov, Lvov, Ukraine and Wurzburg and Friedburg,
Germany; FRIEDMAN, Odessa, Ukraine. LEVITES; Cherson.

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