Searching for descendants of Simon and Jenny Bonem from Wawern (Saar) #germany


My friend Pascale Eberhard >from Wawern is doing research to write a book about
the Jewish community of Wawern before its destruction. She is looking for information
on Simon BONEM, born October 5, 1875 in Wawern (Saar, 18 km southwest of Trier)
and his wife Jenny BONEM. Simon died September 9, 1931 in New York and Jenny died
on February 26, 1942. They are both buried in Mount Judah Cemetery in New York.
It is believed that they were both naturalized US citizens in 1922 and that they lived
at 249 E. 79th Street, NY.

Would anyone be able to confirm the above mentioned information?
Does anyone know why Simon BONEM emigrated?
Where does Jenny BONEM come from? Did she meet Simon before or after emigrating?
Where and who are their descendants and can they help complete the family history
with documents, photos etc...?

Thank you very much for your assistance, Suzanne Mayer Tarica

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