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Nigel Wilson <wilsonettes@...>

Dear friends,

On Feb 26 2008 I placed an appeal on this discussion group for help in the search
of a Susan Jacobson HOPKINS whom I believed was the only living relative of an
extremely large family that perished in Riga during the Shoah.

I should like to thank the many genners who responded with ideas and telephone
numbers and am thrilled to report that Susan has indeed been found.

A special thank you has to go to Mr. Joe Mayer President of the Oregon Jewish G
enealogical Society and to Mr. Yehuda bn S.. who went beyond the call of duty in
telephoning and actually finding an e-mail address for Susan.

Susan is now in contact with her cousin here in Israel,Leonore, and through
the wonders of Skype - family in South Africa, Australia and the U.S.A.

In addition I happened to come across a Page of Testimony given by the 1st wife
of another cousin of Leonore, who unfortunately perished in Riga, the submitter
who has since passed away, lived in Israel and I was able to find her daughter,
who with her husband visited Leonore this past weekend and was able to tell her
that she has another cousin Oleg who survived the Shoah and is presently living
in Germany.

After 69 years a family has been re-united through the help of wonderful people
like you all and records made possible to us by Jewishgen.

On behalf of myself, Leonore, her children, grandchildren, extended family, Susan
and Oleg in Germany our heartfelt thanks and remember never give up hope of
finding family!

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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