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Howard Margol

I have just received the first 883 Birzai Internal Passport records
1919-1940. The number of additional records translated will depend on the amount
of money donated to support the project. It is not possible to determine in
advance the extent of the records so a target amount cannot be arrived at. Several
thousand dollars, at least, will be needed to complete the Birzai Internal
Passport records.

In order to qualify, and receive the records as they are translated,
$100 or more must be donated. To contribute to this project, please
go to:

Be sure and designate your contribution is for Lithuania Applications for
Internal Passports 1919-1940. After you have done so, please send
me an email message informing me of your contribution and state that it is
for the Birzai Internal Passport Records. I will send you the records as soon
as I receive them and have had an opportunity to review them. You will not
only receive these 885 records but will also receive all other Birzai Internal
Passport records as they are received.

To learn about the reason for the Internal Passports, and to see copies of
actual documents, go to

It will be 10 or 12 months before these records will be added to the searchable
database. There is a great advantage to receiving all of the records, as
they are translated, as opposed to doing a search in a database many months later.
If you find a record of interest, it will speed your research along that much
faster. Also, many times records of your ancestors can be found by looking at all
of the records whereas a surname search fails.

If you do find any records of interest in the BIRZAI Internal Passports, you
can write to the Central Archive in Vilnius and request a copy of everything in
the person's Internal Passport file. Many times, it contains original records
not found elsewhere

Your immediate family may have left Lithuania prior to 1919 but in most
cases, other family members as well as Uncles, Aunts, and cousins remained.

Your support for the Internal Passport Project is very much appreciated.

Howard Margol
Coordinator Internal Passport Project

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