When GerSIG members found out about Strudel #germany

Jeanette R Rosenberg OBE

Dear GerSIG members

This email comes to you >from the back of a lecture hall at conference.
Today has been very busy, and there are lots of people to see and to
talk to. It has also been great to meet people who until now were
names and who are now names and faces, and proud wearers of their
purple GerSIG conference ribbon, attached to the bottom of their
conference badge.

Yesterday evening several of us gathered very informally in the lounge
area of the hotel to discuss the happenings over the last year since
we met in Salt Lake City. We also discovered >from those of us who
have been meeting our relatives and who have picked up a very few
words of Hebrew, how important it is to exchange email addresses. To
our delight, we have discovered that the Hebrew word for the 'at'
symbol in e-mail addresses is strudel. Somehow knowing that feels
right, given our heritage.

First a few items of news. This conference is missing a few of our
usual attendees, all with good reason. For those who couldn't be here
for various health reasons, please know you are all much missed, and
you are in our thoughts, and we wish you well. For the others, we
hope you are enjoying family reunions away >from Jerusalem, and that
you find family history custodians among the next generation, who will
help your research to continue, and finally, those with other family
reasons for not being here, for some, we offer our congratulations,
and for another, we offer you comfort at this difficult time.

Next - some news for those who are here in Jerusalem - please watch
out for details tomorrow of room changes for the German interest
lectures on Thursday - GerSIG day. The allocated room is much too
small for the numbers of GerSIG members here at conference, and so our
meetings are being moved. I will share further details as soon as I can.
More soon! Jeanette

Jeanette Rosenberg presently in Jerusalem but usually London UK
GerSIG Director for Conference Arrangements

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