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To All:
Have been searching diligently since EIDB originally came on line in
2001 for my grandmother's arrival in the 1921-23 period by trying many
alternative surname spellings. Tried both the name as it was in
Russia, Nemerzhansky, and the name Rosen adopted in the U.S. by my uncle
in 1904.

Also looked many times at Boston, Philadelphia & Baltimore
arrivals and Hamburg departures on the pay web-site. Finally found
her by searching EIDB for all arrivals with first name Chana for those
three years and sorting through 2552 names. Last name was, of course,
typewritten on the manifest as it sounded (but not quite), and not
indexed as it was typed. Although all other family members emigrated
from Hamburg she departed >from Trieste.
Moral of the story- If at first (or second or third or......)

David Rosen
Boston, MA

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