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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

One of the interesting things about Ireland is that there are many people
there with the last name of Cahan, Coen, Cohan, Cohen, and Kahan, who are
not Jewish. Perhaps some were Jewish, at one time, perhaps not.

However, the best thing to do to clarify this is to conduct regular
genealogical research as you would for any other family, i.e., get all of
the records you can and interview older relatives.

If the family of your friend came >from Dublin, you can also look in the 1911
Census of Ireland, Dublin:

There you can search by last name and the Census image will provide the
religion of the person.

The following are variant spellings of Cohen and the number of people having
that name in the Census.

1 Cahan
17 Coen
1 Cohan
108 Cohen
6 Kahan

Many of these have decidedly non-Jewish first names such as Bridget Coen
whose family is listed as being Catholic.

Ann Rabinowitz

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