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Renate Rosenau <RenateRosenau@...>

Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland,
contributions by Peter Lande and Tom Heinersdorff

Die Nazis knew very well how many and where Jews (by their definition)
lived in Germany.

1. The census of May, 19, 1939 was accompanied by Ergaenzungskarten to
be filled in by all households with Jews, half Jews, quarter Jews by
their 1935 definition.

Each person was listed with name, maiden name, birthday and address,
vocation, schooling and with heir racial origin:

full Jews were marked as JJJJ, one "J" for each of the grandparents,
an "N" for non-Jewish grandparents. So you find combinations like
JJNN or JNNN or NNJJ and so on.

These lists are kept by Bundesarchiv, Berlin, Volkszaehlung
1939, Ergaenzungskarten.
2. When the Reichsvertretung der deutschen Juden was reorganized >from a
federal into an hierarchal and centralized structure as the
"Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland" and set under the control
of Reichssicherheitshauptamt by the 10th enactment to the
Reichsbuergergesetz in 1938, one of the jobs they were ordered to do
was to list all Jews and report regularly when they moved or emigrated.

This had to be implemented by the province offices of the Reichsvereinigung,
sent to the central office of the Reichsvereinigung at Berlin, Kantstrasse,
and the collection delivered to the Reichssicherheitshauptamt.
See: Bundesarchiv, Bestand (holding) R 8150.

The province offices of the Reichsvereinigung also had to deliver lists
of Jews who had emigrated after 1933.
For the Province office of Mainz these are kept in Nachlass 49 Michel
Oppenheim, Stadtarchiv Mainz. Michel Oppenheim (JJNN), who had been put
into the position as contact person between the province office and the
Gestapo, reported that they did not aim at delivering complete lists,
as far as he possibly could. So these lists do not contain all Jews living
in this province.

Renate Rosenau, Alzey, Germany

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