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Eva Lawrence

I've obtained the following book, which may be of interest to GerSig

Die Dorfjuden der Nordpfalz
dargestellt an der Geschichte der juedischen Gemeinde Alsenz ab 1655.
Dustjacket says 1650] by August Kopp
Verlag Anton Hain, Meisenheim am Glan :1968. 458 pages

Translation:The village Jews of the North Palatinate
as illustrated by the history of the Jewish Community of Alsenz >from 1655

The book is in German, with Latin type and is a mine of information about
the Alsenz Jewish Community, but other Jewish communities are only
included as far as they interact with those of Alsenz. There are photographs
of buildings and of matzevot, with inscriptions transcribed where they were
readable. It has images of several documents as well as brief biographies
of the founders of this community.

I can also recommend the following books, which are at present not done
full justice on the Communities Histories list. The author is well-known to
JewishGen, and all these volumes contain histories of the communities that
the graveyards served as well as photographs of matzevot and the genealogies
of the dead. They are in German, but in Latin type.

Friedhofe [o umlaut] in Stuttgart [Graveyards in Stuttgart]
Joachim Hahn and various collaborators.
published by Klett-Cotta for Stadtarchiv Stuttgart,.

Band 2, 1988. Hoppenlau Friedhof, Israelitischer Teil 1834 -1873.100
pages, quarto landscape.
Band 3 1992. Pragfriedhof. Israelitischer Teil. 1870 to 1990. 267 pages,
quarto landscape.
Band 4.1995. Siegrfriedhof Bad Cannstatt. Israelitischer Teil. 1873-1939
118 pages quarto landscape.

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