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Good morning! Not only Munich is against the Stolperstein
Action of the so called "Kuenstler" Demnich. There are
many people with jewish and non-jewish background who
are against the Stolpersteine. People who are not saying
it loud enough because than they are put into the right corner.

We believe that it is without dignity to trample on the
names of persecutors and dead children, women and
men. They have tramped enough on our names and
have taken away our dignity.
In our case we could stop the laying of stones because
of wrong research.
It might be a difference if you live in Germany or in
another country. There are many examples of dignity
rememberance in many german citys and communities.
And believe me, it is a much better way to remember.

Helga Heilbut, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

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