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Shulamit B Spain-Gayer <shula@...>

The Hebrew spelling is different depending if you follow Jiddish spelling
convention or not, where a German/Jiddish E becomes an Ayin and A becomes an Aleph.

My family name used to be spelled GEIER in German and was spelled in Hebrew as
follows: Gimmel, Ayin, Yud, Ayin, Resh

As my grandfather served in the Hungarian army he was asked to Magyarise his name
to GAYER, and then the Hebrew spelling changed to: Gimmel, Aleph, Yud, Ayin, Resh

In Israel the name now GAYER appears spelled as follows:Gimmel,Yud,Yud,Resh Based
on the last spelling, any vowel could be inserted and the name could also be
changed to GUYER I hope that this keeps the discussion going and I still hope to
get an explanation for GEIER/GAJARY as a SLAVONIC PLACE NAME.

Shulamit Spain

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