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Carlos Glikson

Nathalie Ried asked -for an ancestor who migrated >from Lithuania to
Argentina or Uruguay - :
Would the Spanish given name Jaime be associated exclusively with
Yakov or may it be an adaptation of Chaim or other Hebrew names?

Nathalie's "exclusively" places most of the weight in the Jaime-Yakov
connection. For Argentina, I would personally give more weight to the
Jaime-Chaim connection (both starting with a guttural sound unlike the one
in Yaakov or James). In my experience, the first connection most Spanish
speaking Argentine Jews would make for a Jaime would probably be to Chaim,
and not to Yaakov - if thinking in terms of name changes for Jewish
immigrants. It would be a different case for a historian talking in terms
of English and Scottish kings, where Jaime and Jacobo are - more frequently,
I believe - exchanged by Spanish speakers for the James kings.

The most direct change first considered for a Yaakov arriving in Argentina
would possibly be to Jacobo. For a Chaim, it would be Jaime. In the
context of naming traditions in Argentina, Jacobo has a strongly Jewish
sound. Yaakovs wanting to switch to a Spanish name and wishing to have a
"less Jewish" name than Jacobo could choose Jaime, maybe. Jaime would
still be a Jewish sounding first name, but not as "strongly Jewish" as

Possible sources to solve the choices made in this or other particular
cases - in the absence of informed relatives or other evidence - are
immigrant records and Hebrew names in headstones. Some caveats:
- I have had no exposure to Nathalie's "Yaakov-Chaim/ Jaime situation" in
- I am not implying that in Argentina Jacobo or Jaime are first names
exclusively carried by Jews. There would of course be non-Jews by both

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