INTRO: ANDRON / ANDORN from Berka #germany

=Juergen_Nitsche <junitsche58@...>


I am looking for information about a man, buried in autumn 1917
at the Jewish cemetery in Erfurt. The surname should be ANDRON
or ANDORN. The deceased could live in the town Berka / Werra.

Because of missing of the old cemetery documentation I have no
idea about the identity of the man, who died during World War I.
Maybe this man died later, because the tombstones were set up
again in the 1960s years.

I am looking for anybody who could help me to find the real identity of
ANDORN / ANDRON and to help to come in contact with to related.

All advice and information are very welcome.
Thank you very much in advance!

Juergen Nitsche, Mittweida, Germany <>

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