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Ben Milder

In a case like this, where you have a first name and an approximate
date of birth for someone living in the U.S., you can use Steve
Morse's birthday pages, which allow for searching of U.S. public
records databases on outside websites.

Go to . If you
enter a first name along with a year and month of birth, you do not
have to enter a surname. You may also enter a location if you wish.

The results will show you a person's full name, towns where he/she has
lived, age, and "possible relatives."

I searched for "Malka" born October 1975 and there is a listing for a
Malka in Brooklyn along with a 56-year-old named Rachel. You can try
changing the search inputs to get additional results.

Once you have a possible match, you can use another Steve Morse
search, Google, or an internet white pages site to get an address or
phone number. If this fails, you could also purchase the information
from People Finders.
Ben Milder

While in Israel recently, I met a gentleman who does not have access
to the internet, and has authorized me to do research on his behalf.
( I live in Los Angeles). Meir STEIN who is now 60, came to Brooklyn
in the mid 70s and married the former Rachel PECKER, whose father was
the late Rabbi Dov Pecker. They had two daughters. The first
daughter, who he is almost certain (explanation to follow) was named
Malka, was born in either in 1975 or early 1976. >
Can you help?

Yehuda Frischman, L.Ac, CST, SER>

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