Seeking BLUMENFELD family #germany

Maya Pines

to GerSig
Hello. I have just become interested in my great-grandmother, whose
name was Certel BLUMENFELD and who was born in Leipzig, Germany around
1855.. She also had a sister called Sophie BLUMENFELD who was a
poet, writer and translator of German into French and English.

Certel married Shlomo RAFALOVSKI, who took her to Bialystok, then
Russia (it later became Poland,) where she gave birth to 20 children,
of whom 16 survived infancy. She died at 45, having also established
a school and a home for the aged.

Her oldest daughter, Cinna RAFALOVSKI (born in Bialystok in 1875)
married Leon Zadworjansky (b. 1868) and had four children, including
Rachela Zadworjansky, my mother.

My primary goal now is to find out more about the BLUMENFELD family.
My JGFF Researcher ID number is 686944.
If you have any information about this family, I'd much appreciate
your letting me know. Many thanks,

Maya Pines <> Chevy Chase, Maryland

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