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I'm hoping readers of this group can keep an eye out in their local
newspapers for an Associated Press story on my late father's record
collection being donated to Syracuse University. I have the full piece


which can now be found on dozens of major news websites. What I'd
like are the hard copies of any print newspapers it might appear in.
As JewishGen does not allow for my address to be included in this
posting, please email me if you find any print versions and I will
provide my address.

Likewise, a separate story might have been printed in the NY Daily
News (it's on their website at
< Tinyurl: >.

There was another piece in the Post-Standard (Syracuse) on July 2
worth_1_mi.html) [Tinyurl:].

A cousin sent me some copies, but if anyone in upstate NY has another
copy, I'd appreciate it.

Eli Savada
Bethesda MD

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