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David Scriven

Dear All,

My great-grandmother, Chane Mindel RUSS (nee POMERANZ), is
buried in the ZentralFriedhof in Vienna (Section: T4 Group: 16
Row: 8 Grave: 68 according the JewishGen database).I've searched
the web and alas, I can find no image of the gravestone. I would
like to get an image as I have no knowledge of her family and
hopefully the gravestone would indicate the names of her parents.
Is there any way I can get an image of this?

My great-grandfather, Dawid HaCohen Russ, died in Jeruslaem
in the 1930's and was buried (so I've been told) in the cemetery
on the Mt of Olives. Is there anywhere I can find records from
this cemetery? I suspect that his grave was destroyed when
a road was driven through the cemetery in the period 1948-1967.

Dawid & Chana lived in the Drohobycz/Broyslaw area - at least
when my grandmother and her siblings were born.

David Scriven

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