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Hello all,
I have a friend who has asked me to post this on his behalf, knowing
that his father helped many Jews to escape Germany in 1936. The
information he has given me is as follows: Otto August REICHOW was
born in Tempelberg ,Pomerania. He worked as a chauffer and had a cab
business in Berlin. He left Germany right after the 1936 Olympic games
in Berlin because the SA has killed his brother over a bill they did
not pay for in his resturant. His name was Franz Reichow. His unlce
Wener did not get out of Germany and was in the Army and captured on
the Russian front as a prisoner of war. He died of cancer in the
United States back in 1973. The people that the Reichow family helped
were probably in Berlin. He was offered money, which he refused to
accept and helped them anyway.
If any of this information sounds like it might have something to do
with your family, please let me know, as Otto Reichow's son would very
much like to follow up. If you would like to respond privately,
susemail me at
Thank you,
Susan Brandt Stock
Researching: BERNSTEIN, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary; COOPERMAN, Russia,
London ; FETBRANDT, FETBRANT:Poland; GETZLER :Poland; KOHN: Hungary;

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