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Alan Suchat wrote: " Some of my family came >from Russia to the US via the UK
and I found them on the Ellis Island passenger lists. But they are also on the
lists for passengers leaving the UK, available for a fee at on.
Are these the same lists, or would there be information on the outgoing UK
lists that is not on the incoming US lists?"

Obviously they are not the same lists - the US lists are those made for
visitors or immigrants and had to conform to US legal requirements. They
include ***far more detail*** than the UK lists [usually family and first
names, sex, age, occupation and origin only].

The UK lists are basic passenger lists - the authorities were not particularly
worried who was leaving the UK. Many Jews were passengers in transit and hence
the details were of little interest to the UK.

I have often, working together with Yehudah ben Shlomo, looked for passengers
leaving the UK that he found arriving in the US. Sometimes it is easy; other
times, they are very hard to find as the spelling has mutated! Indeed in some
cases, I have not found them at all!

Celia Male [U.K.]

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