Re: need help translating short words from a letter in German #germany

David Shapiro

"Chug" and "Snif" are both Hebrew words. Chug means a club (literally
'circle'), and snif means a branch (of some sort of institution). Beth
could also be Hebrew, but here the meaning is less clear out of context,
it may be the shortened name of an organization Beth... i.e. "house" of
something, or it may represent the number two.

David Shapiro, Jerusalem dshapiro@...

Eva Eisenstein, evaeisenstein@... wrote:

I am in the middle of translating my father's letters in German to the
woman who would become his wife, and my mother. Very colloquial letters.
This is 1935. He writes of going to three regular events on weekday
evenings: Chug, Beth, and Snif. All three words are mentioned in many
letters. It is the last word that has eluded my translation efforts. I
would appreciate any help with this strange word, or abbreviation, or
whatever it may be.

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