JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Thank you re: 196 Second Street and more #general

Susan Goldsmith

Dear Genners,
Thank you to Sharon, Linda, Diane, Dena, Jackie, Nancy, Yehudah, Paul, Bette, Burt,
Ira, Sally, Linda, Nancy, Sylvia, Barbara...all of whom responded before noon
today! I thank all of you who will still probably respond before receiving this
post. What I was reminded of and had embarrassingly forgotten, was to review
handwriting above and below re: the abbreviation for street. I also learned to
consider both East Second Street in NYC and Second Street in Brooklyn. One person
gave me a map site so I could find exactly where the family lived. Another made
sure I noted that the immigrants were going to an M. Horowicz, a new name to me;
another that I should look at the end of the manifest to followup on an X next to a
passenger, indicating further information about being held. One genner opened a
door in a brick wall over a decade old by looking farther down the page and noting
a Nathan Horowicz, about whom I had been told but never had found.

The number and depth and intelligence of the responses is extraordinary. I am
making a gift today in honor of everyone who took the time and is probably taking
the time as I write this.
Warm Regards,
Susan Goldsmith
Piedmont CA USA

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