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Eva Blanket

I am having difficulty finding the ship's manifest of my uncle Henry (possibly
Chaim) HERMAN of Also Vereczke, who immigrated to New York in December 1907
possibly on the ship 'Nordland'. Also I am trying to find Herman DAVIDOVITS of
Szinever, who also arrived on this same ship the 'Nordland' in December, 1907.

I can't even locate the arrival of this ship using Steve Morse's Missing Manifests.
It just doesn't seem to appear or maybe I am not doing something correct?

I would appreciate any assistance or advise on how I could try and locate
these manifests.

Thank you,
Sydney, Australia
HERMAN (Turka/Tuchol'ka(POLAND)/Nizni Vorota(Verecky)/Israel/Australia)
DAVIDOVITS (Szinever/Chust/USA/Australia) LIPSHITZ?LIFSHITS (Zhdeneve)
WEISS (Talamas/Hukliva/Kosice/USA/Israel) NEUMAN/NEIMAN (Torun/USA/Israel)
all originally Austro-Hungary then Czech. and today the Ukraine.
BLANKET/BLANKIET (Lodz, Lask - POLAND) BLANKET (London, England) (Paris, France)

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