Re: Posen City Registration Cards--are up through W #germany

André Günther

Hi genners,

you better use . No more scrolling...

Regards Andre Guenther Bavaria <>

Barbara Elkeles, North Rhine Westphalia wrote:
Images of the residence registration index cards >from the city of
Posen/Poznan contain a lot of information on inhabitants of the city of
Posen in the 19th until early 20th century.
They may give information of three generations of a family.
(see many entries in the Gersig list archive).
The Polish State Archive image web site had gradually uploaded images of
the cards alphabetized A to R. I just noticed that the images of the
letters S to W are uploaded now. W is not quite complete.
At best follow the link

There is also a register but it is not yet complete and sometimes the
links are not correct.

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