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Evertjan. <exjxw.hannivoort@...>

wrote on 22 aug 2008 in soc.genealogy.jewish:

Does anyone know the etymology of FLEGENHEIMER?
All I can think of is "flatlander."
Does anyone have a FLEGENHEIMER on their tree?
Flegenheimer seems to me an inhabitant
of the theoretical stetl "Flegenheim",
though ShtetlSeeker cannot find it
which has, in German, nothing to do with "flat".

Perhaps more to the point, a "Pflegeheim" is a nuring home.

You probably know that the real name of the famous gangster
"Dutch Schultz" was Arthur Flegenheimer.

Ah yes, te "Beer Baron of the Bronx", his father had a saloon there.

The name FLEGENHEIM also appears as a family name,
like Mrs. Alfred, Frau Antoinette Flegenheim,
on board of the Titanic, a resident of Berlin.

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
(Please change the x'es to dots in my emailaddress)

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