INTRO- Seeking possible [Swiss] Jewish ancestors - BOPP, NOFSINGER, KRAFT, GANZER ? #germany

Rene Loeb <rene.loeb@...>

BOPP is a common family name in Switzerland. But it is not Jewish.

Jews had to live exclusively at that time in the two villages Endingen
and Lengnau in the Canton Aargau.
Go to SGFF
[and click the small flag icon for your language of choice]
for research to BOPP families.
On the Swiss phonebook you can find 529 entries for BOPP.

Rene Loeb, Honorary President of the Swiss Society of Jewish Genealogy

Micah Nofsinger, Missouri, USA <xgamerx65@...> is seeking Jewish
ancestors >from Switzerland - BOPP, NOFSINGER, KRAFT, GANZER

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