Free Access Month of October -[SITE CITE & navigation advice] #germany

Jan Meisels Allen

To celebrate 25 years of German reunification, (German is offering throughout the month of October free access to
their databases which includes the worldwide databases-- 16 billion
historic documents and pictures, including 220 million German documents
and images. [The month of free access is to Celebrate 25 Years of Germany's

When documents are >from another country, for example the United States or
Canada, those records are available in their original language of English
for example : New York, Passegiertlisten, 1820-1957 (auf Englisch). If
the records are >from Germany they are in German as are the instructions on
the website. I found using Google translate
a great help in translating the instructions and the names of some of
the records.

To access the site go to:
it will first ask you if you meant -and on the bottom
it will say go ahead with click on the or
you will get to the US version which is not offering the free month.

When you put in a name and place of the person you are researching
it will take you to a window with the results.

Once you click on the results a window opens giving you the
instructions to register with your name, and email address and if you
have an Ancestry password >from previous trials use that otherwise you
will be sent a password.

You will also be asked to check the box that you understand
the terms and conditions. Once you are signed in the first page asks
you about setting up your family tree.

On the right hand side about half way down the page is the same
graphic as above about the 25 year reunification celebration.

Click on "jetzt suchen" (Start now) which opens another window
where you fill in the information on the person you are searching and first
name, last name, city/state where they were born and date of birth if you
have it and click on "klostenlos suchen" (search now) and the next window
will display what records they have and the option to provide more
information to enhance the search.

For those who do not speak or read German I recognize this may take
extra translation steps, but it is worth the effort to try this
during the month of October for access to Ancestry's
worldwide database at no charge.

I have no affiliation with or and am sharing
this solely for the reader's information.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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