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Eric Svirskis

Firstly it is quite possible that "Kogaran Australia "(as there are only a
few hits on Google on this) is Kogarah, a suburb of Sydney. It is an
established suburb with a thriving Jewish population so you may find there
are synagogue records.

Secondly you may like to consider the spelling JAFFE (pron. "Jaffee"). When
my father went to Auckland, New Zealand in 1939 he was very close to Ruben &
Edie Jaffe (she was a MELZER). I am pretty Ruben came >from Lithuania (like
my parents). There was another Jaffe family there (Max and descendants) who
were related to Ruben but came through Manchester (I think) in the U.K. and
I am unsure of how they were connected.

There are a lot of Jaffes in NZ (probably still all related) and it is
probably quite a common name world-wide. I had a connection with the NZ ones
through marriage for a while - my late brother's sister married a Jaffe) and
if you feel this is the right direction I will try and make contact.

BTW there is also a John EISEN in Melbourne too.

Eric Svirskis,
Melbourne, Australia.

Lithuania: Danilovichiai/Draustine, Dolhinov, Kovno/Kaunas,
Panevesz/Panecevysz, and Widze/Vidzy (now Belarus).

-----Original Message-----
In investigating a relative's family tree, I found a
family narrative that had been typed in 1932 talking
of the origins of the JAFFEE family in northeast
Lithuania (Papile, Kupiskis). I would like to share
the document with descendants, who may be in
Australia. The story ends with:

"Samson JAFFEE, father of Annis EISEN, goes to Africa
and later to Australia where he buys an ostrich farm."

I found a 1924 ship manifest for an Annis Eisen who
was visiting the US as a tourist. She was born in
about 1884, wife of Jules Eisen of Kogaran, Australia.

If anyone can locate a descendant of Samson Jaffee or
Annis Eisen, I would love to pass on information on
their family roots in Lithuania (and can connect them
with a couple of other descendants of this family in
the U.S.).

Thank you,
Laurel Singer
San Ramon, CA

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