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Judy Petersen


My gggf, Salomon STOSZEL, and his first wife Rosi ADLER had 3
children -- Lipot b. 1863, Rezi b. 1865, and Josefa b. 1868.
They lived in Parutcza, Nyitra.

Salomon and Rosi divorced, and Salomon married Marie LICHT of
Kormend in the mid 1870s. They had 6 children.

My questions are these--following the divorce, would Rosi and her
children kept using the STOSZEL surname, or could they have adopted
her maiden name, ADLER? If Rosi remarried, would the children have
adopted her new husband's surname? Was there any kind of alimony
in those days? Would Salomon have contributed something towards the
welfare or education of his children with Rosi? Was it likely that
Salamon would have remained in contact with his children and that
the half-siblings would have known each other? Any insight into these
questions would be most appreciated!

Thanks to all,

Judy Petersen
Fort Collins, CO

Researching: STOSZEL (and all variants)--Parutcza, Kormend, Eger,
Hodmezovasarhely (Hungary), Brezova (Czech Republic), Ungvar (Ukraine)

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