August LOEHNBERG from Froendenberg-Bausenhagen #germany

Mike Redel <redel.mike@...>

Dear Gersigs,

I must admit - it is a very strange story, but to clear it. Hope that
anyone has an idea which could help me.

August LOEHNBERG was vorn 30.01.1826 in Froendenberg Bausenhagen. His
parents are Hohna LOEHNBERG and Sophia Leiffmann MUEHLHEIMER. He
married Friederike AHRON >from Werl-Buederich.

Till 1852 August and Friederike has 4 children in Werl: Isaak born
1846, Louis born 1848 died 18.01.1849, Hermann born 1849 and Bertha
1852. I did not know what is happend with Hermann and Bertha.

Maybe in 1852 - bis wife said 1865 Max vanished to Amerika. Ok I have
found in the census 1880 Newark New Jersay who was born 1826 in
Germany. His wife Lizzie HESS emigrated >from Swiss and was born in
1860. This Max has 3 sons Peter born 1876 in New York, August born
1877 in New Jersay and Henry 1879 in New Jersay.

I do not beliefe that both Max are the same person. Because Friederike
AHRONS is burried in Warstein 30.05.1895 and was born in Werl
Buederich 25.04.1821, and Max LOEHNBERG was born 22.10.1879 in
Warstein. He was a manufacturer and lived in Koeln Ehrenfeldguertel
171. 1939 he lost his german citizenship.

Regards, Mike Redel - Unna - Germany

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