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Avraham Y. Kahana

I'm trying to finally reach a new evidence on my mother's family
research, Tzipershteyns >from Bessarabia, old Romania/Moldova now
Ukraine (cities they might have lived in: Lipcani/Lipkany,
Secureni/Sokiryany, Kitay Gorod). This week I came across a 2 Yad
Vashem testimonial pages that I did already analyzed in the past, but
just didn't connect the facts as I did this time. I think the chances
these pages refer to my mother's great uncle are 95%. These pages give
the following information:

Pinnye TZIPERSHTEYN, married to Khaika nee VURGAIT, a couple that
lived in Lipcani - both deceased in the Shoa.
They had one daughter (if this Pinnye is the one I think he is, then
they might have had 3, according to my family tree) called Brani
Tzipershteyn z"l - born in Lipcani who also lost her life in the

Yesterday I started my quest on doing everything I can to follow this
track till the end, I searched the Israeli phone directory for the
surname of the submitter of the testimonial page, found only one
match, called the person, figured out it wasn't the one recorded in
the phone directory, was her son. He gave me the telephone of her
mother, who I called today, to find out that she's the daughter of the
submitter, who is already deceased, and, unfortunately, she doesn't
have any information herself to add. She's going to give me phone
numbers of relatives who, with luck, may help me with something.

In the meantime, I decided to post this message in the hope someone
else did ever hear about one of these 2 families, fromt his locations
or surroundings. These VURGAITS seem to have ended in Israel. I know
part of my TZIPERSHTEYNS ended in US, I just haven't been able to
locate them yet. I know Pinnye's brother, Joseph z"l, became
Zipperstein and lived in Milwaukee. Another Pinnye's child, David,
also made it to US, and became David Stein z"l, having lived in Los

Please reply back in case you have any piece of information to add.
Anything is relevant.

Thank you in advance,
Avraham Yehoshua Kahana

Seeking:Poland: KANO [Zychlin, Wiskitki, Granica, Gniewoszow], SOCHACZEWSKI
[Kishinev(Chisinau), Kalarash(Calarasi)] Ukraine: ROZMARIN, SCHECHTMAN
[Sokiryany(Secureni)], BERENSHTEYN [Sokiryany, Briceva], TZIPERSHTEYN

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