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Warren Kohn

I have had my paternal line DNA Y-Chromosome analysis done in an effort to
locate other members of the MIEDZYRZECKI family. My analysis return showed
that there were no matchs for me. This means that of the people whose DNA
has been analyzed, no one in the database matchs. That does not mean there
are none out there; only none have been analyzed thus far.

So, I would ask that if you or one of your ancestors are >from Poland and if
you have not had your DNA Y-Chromosome analyzed for genealogy purposes, you
might want to consider doing so. The cost is moderate; confidentiality is
assured by the use of code numbers and all that you do is submit swabbings
from the inside of your cheek (and don't forget the check); in a few weeks
you will have your results. This is a genealogy analysis and it will not
show any predelictions for diseases. Results are confidential

I am not mentioning the name of the group that preformed my analysis but I
will say that I have no financial interest in the operation. You may
contact me privately if you desire the name of the analyzing organization.

Warren Kohn

MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen's Genealogy by Genetics program, in partnership
with Family Tree DNA of Houston, is a provider of these services. See
<> for more information.

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