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Dear Listers
This one is likely best suited to those who might consider them selves
some what the Jewish Expert or have more than a passing knowledge of the
folk who lived around the area of Whitechapel in the 1800's.
As you will know if you have followed my threads I have been trying to
find out as much as I can about about a man I will call Moses Hart who
died 1844. We also believe he was born c1818. We have become to
believe that Moses Hart c1818-1844, at some stage went under the
name Moshe haCohen [Hart]

A friend recently reminded me of a book ,The History of the Jews in
England written by Albert M Hyamson. It was first printed in 1908.
The book can be found on line.

The chapter on the Ashkenasim covers the years 1690-1764.
This chapter mentions of an Uri Phaibush (Aaron Hart)1670-1756
of Breslau, brother of Moses Hart (no mention of the ha Cohen)who
was the chief Rabbi of the Ashkenazi community.

A chapter on the Colonies (1625-1800 mentions a Aaron
Hart of Canada. Other Harts that get a mention, Ezakiel Hart,
Moses Hart, Samuel Becancour Hart, Commissary Aaron Hart and
as mentioned Rabbi Aaron Hart.

About four of us, that come to mind are interested in knowing if
these Harts mentioned in the book are connected to the Moses Hart
in my first paragraph? Could the humble fishmonger have held an
office in the Synagogue?

If the Moses is very likely he will be married Elizabeth [UNKOWN].

Best to all, Ray [Australia]

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