JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Pamula fasola tshoolent and bloomers - the answer #general

Jake Goldstein

Earlier today, Celia Male <> wrote:

> Barbara Zimmer however had a much better definition: "a mop, esp
> one made >from a bundle of rags and used to clean out a baker's
> oven." If the Yiddish word was Pomele, I'll go with that!

Celia, Barbara,

Do you have a reference for the above definition?

It seems to me that 1) a "mop to clean the oven" is not something a
baker discovers she does not have on the eve of Shabbat, 2) is so
desperate to immediately obtain that she, "rushes to town" in her
bloomers "to buy," and 3) she, "the baker for the Jewish community"
of the shtetl of Jonava, Lithuania, actually finds one for sale (at
Mendele's Tshatshkes?)

Perhaps this is not "the answer."

Jake Goldstein

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