JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Confidentiality of family tree #general

Scott Schultz <scottaschultz@...>

Dear Lois,

I can appreciate the fact that you feel that you have somehow been violated,
but I have to ask, have you or any member of your family suffered any actual
harm or damage as a result of this information being made public? If not,
exactly what kind of recourse do you want?

I am not a lawyer, but I would tend to think that if no harm has been done,
you will have a very difficult time collecting any damages >from these people
unless you can prove that the information had been copyrighted.

Scott Schultz
Researcher ID #188546

From: "Lois Levick" <>

I agree with the previous Genner who is concerned about the sharing of
one's information with another researcher and then finding it published
without your permission.
I have had that experience when I shared information about a part of my
family with someone who has absolutely nothing to do with it because we
were talking about something we did have in common. That person has not
only made this information public but has passed it on to someone else who
has published it as well.
Is there any recourse?

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