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david rubin <dovrubin1@...>


I'm no way an expert on any of this stuff. But I thought this started out with
something like should you post a family tree without getting permission >from
all the folks hang'n off it. Now its changed to whether to put one out there are
or not. So here's my twist on everything so far.

All those folks that said they were burned by sharing info... Well, there's a
simple answer. If the info is dear to you, either don't chat about it, or make
some arrangement so it can't be shared without your permission. Maybe there's
some standard form for that some genalogist could point out to us. But at this
point as my Mama says.. stop crying over spilt milk and next time be more careful
how you dispense it.

Now for those that want to publish a tree so your lost cousin can find it, then
this guy Zev who posted and said not to list details of living members has the
right idea. And of course clear out what you don't want spreading over the WWW.

Did I miss anything else?

David Rubin

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