Judische presse #germany

nissen weisz

My grandfather rabbi Yeshya BAYERN was the rabbi in Sarospatak Hungary
till his passing Dec. 6 1885, lately I have come across an article
about him in Hebrew which states that the information of the funeral
was taken >from the newsletter 'die Judische presse' that was published
that time in berlin, I on my side contacted the author of the article,
which didn't know the exact issue he took the information.

So my question to you SIG'ers is since I don't know germen, would
anybody be able to look thru the issue's of the month of his passing
[Dec. 1885] to tell me where the article about my grandfathers funeral
is, if you are ready to help me please send a request 'die Judische
presse' to my email @ nissenweisz@gmail.com, and I will reply with the
Judische presse of that era.

Thanks in advance, Nissen Weisz Monsey NY

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